Behind the scenes


Westwood International is the creation of a team of professionals and entrepreneurs with an extensive experience in marketing, international commerce and logistics.

Thanks to this experience, we have acquired the knowledge necessary to understand   the particularities of each country, enabling us to evaluate the potential of a product and direct it to the suitable market.   

Our priority is to learn and understand the characteristics of each company. Thanks to this, we are able to comprehend the needs of our clients, offering a completely personalized serviced and adapting ourselves to the way of work of each one.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Analytical Capacity
  • Organization & Coordination
  • Quality Control
  • International Commerce & Logistics

Our Values

  • Respect and humility are qualities necessary to maintain a collaboration between two companies.
  • Transparency during all procurement or sales process creates trust and security leading to a long relationship.
  • The swiftness and continuity of operations guarantees service satisfaction.
  • Our dedication to the client it allows us to be part of your company.

What we offer?

Our time at your service.

Finding the adequate product or market is a complex endeavour which requires a great deal of knowledge, effort and above all time. Each country has very different cultures and traditions. Only through its understanding and with the right tools you find the formula for success.

In Westwood International quality matters.

We dedicate the necessary time and resources to strictly supervise the entire process in order to ensure we provide the best service for our customers.

It is our responsibility to listen to our customers and know their opinion. This helps us to improve and polish even the smallest details, as we consider the care of these makes the difference.

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