The world of leather and fashion

The fashion industry is already very complex and variable. If we also take into account that we work with a “live” product such as leather, the difficulty is even greater. Trend are very volatile and therefore we have to be constantly on the move, to understand and adapt to them with the same speed that this change takes place. Therein lies its beauty.

It is necessary to take into account several variables; the origin of the skins, the tanning process, the speed of the service, the continuity and above all the price. If we have learned something, it is that each company requires a different product and that product varies periodically. In Westwood International we are extremely proactive and do not rest until we find the right product.


Thanks to our extensive supplier portfolio we are able to offer products for all over the world. This helps us to select the best skins for the footwear, clothing, leather goods and upholstery sectors.

We supply skins in all its formats, from salted to a great variety of finishes.

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